Integrating with GitLab

If you haven’t authorized SourceLevel to access your GitLab’s account, check how to do it in the section Connecting your SourceLevel account to GitLab below before continuing these instructions.

Access the New Organization page, and click in the Install button located below the GitLab logo. SourceLevel will list all elegible GitLab’s Groups for you to select the one you want to connect.

Select the GitLab group

Click in the Select button to select the group and then in the Link green button. As soon as SourceLevel imports all the group’s repositories, metrics will be available.

Click in the Link button

Connecting your SourceLevel account to GitLab

If you haven’t signed up for SourceLevel using your GitLab account, you might need connect it manually.

Access your profile page, and click in the Connect button in the GitLab authentication row. SourceLevel will send you to GitLab’s authorization page, which looks like in the image below.

Authorize SourceLevel in GitLab

Click in the Authorize button. You should be redirected back to SourceLevel with a successful message. Now you can proceed with the instructions at the top of this article.

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