📣 Only account owners and admins can add new repositories to be reviewed

If you are not an admin or owner of an account, please reach out to one to add the repository to SourceLevel.

  1. From your Dashboard page, click on the Add a new repository button next to the name of the account where you want the repository to belong to.
  2. SourceLevel will fetch all GitHub repositories that the account’s integration with GitHub has access to.
  3. Scroll through the list of repositories and click on Review repository for the repository you want to start reviewing.

After successfully adding your repository, SourceLevel will perform a first review to provide a baseline of your codebase, and notify all admins of your account about the new repository under review.

Select the repository you want to add and click on "Review repository"


I can’t find the repository I want to review.

If you can’t find a specific GitHub repository on the Review a new GitHub repository it means that the integration linking your SourceLevel account and your GitHub repositories - either an OAuth2 token or the GitHub Integration - does not have access to that repository on GitHub. Ensure that either the OAuth2 token or Integration installation has access to the repository before continuing.

The repository I want to review says is “Missing permissions”.

When integrating SourceLevel with your GitHub repositories using an OAuth2 token, the GitHub user that owns the token must have admin permissions on the repository (either through a team that has access to the repository or directly as a contributor) so we can install a WebHook to listen for Pull Requests on your repository.

The repository I want to review says is “Already reviewing”.

This means that the repository is already being reviewed by SourceLevel, either by your current account or someone else’s.

Need more help? Feel free to contact us via email. or chat.