Code reviews on SourceLevel will be accessible for anyone who has access to the repository on GitHub - we periodically sync the permissions from GitHub to ensure that review data available to the same people that can access the source code.

You can also assign specific users as admins of your SourceLevel, and they will be able to setup new repositories for review and manage your GitHub integration.

Synchronizing with GitHub

If you recently changed any permissions on your GitHub organization or account you can synchronize them on SourceLevel manually. On the Members page of your account settings, you can click on Refresh permissions from GitHub and SourceLevel will synchronize it right away.

How to refresh permissions from GitHub

Granting or removing admin permissions from users

From the Members page on your account settings you can change the permissions of each of the members on your account to assign them as admins or regular users.

On the list of members on your account, go to the person that you want to grant (or remove) the admin permissions, click on Manage permissions and then click on Promote to account admin/Remove admin permissions to change the user permissions.

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